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Your customised zoom and HTML are below.

Here's the code:

  1. <!-- Define Magic Zoom -->
  2. <a href="images/r1-red-3.jpg" class="MagicZoom" rel="" id="zoom" title="Red Yamaha YZF-R1"><img src="images/r1-red-2.jpg"/></a><br/>
  4. <!-- Selector with standard title -->
  5. <a href="images/r1-red-3.jpg" rel="zoom-id:zoom;" rev="images/r1-red-2.jpg" title="Red Yamaha YZF-R1"><img src="images/r1-red-1.jpg"/></a>
  6. <!-- Selector with different title and resized zoom window -->
  7. <a href="images/r1-black-3.jpg" rel="zoom-id:zoom;zoom-width:600px;zoom-height:200px;" rev="images/r1-black-2.jpg" title="Black Yamaha YZF-R1"><img src="images/r1-black-1.jpg"/></a>
  8. <!-- Selector without title and with inverted opacity -->
  9. <a href="images/r1-blue-3.jpg" rel="zoom-id:zoom;opacity-reverse:true;show-title:false;" rev="images/r1-blue-2.jpg"><img src="images/r1-blue-1.jpg"/></a>